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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

50 Cent - mobb DEEEEEEEEP - The Science

Many people misunderstand 50 Cent...some even mistake him for being ignorant. Quite the CONTRARY!

50 is the type of individual that is SOOOOO smart he'll let you make yourself look stupid!

He knows his limits and is careful to assess a situation fully before embarking upon his endeavor.

I enjoy 50 Cent.....probably more the man than the music because even HE knows that the music is just the conduit that connects him with his higher goals. He probably thinks less about his so-called BEEF's than those that write about them or study them.

Take the situation regarding Fat Joe, Jadakiss (The Lox) & Nas. Lyrically, all three far surpass 50 in their retorts but the difference is the f
anfare. Fanfare makes people stand up and pay attention.

Whatever 50 does...h
e does BIG. That is what these other artist have to understand. Who CARES about the underground....the underground is surely going to hear it if EVERYONE ELSE DOES. In fact I'd go so far as to say that the underground doesn't even exist in this day of realism and reality. Noone even remembers any of those other songs but EVERYBODY has heard PIGGYBANK!

Not only does 50 let you wallow in your sorrow, he sticks the sword in RIGHT where it hurts. Example.....MOBB DEEEEEEEEEP.....long time ally of 50's NEMISIS Nas! Why NOT sign them to my imprint G UNIT Record. What better way to make you realize just how UNSUCCESSFUL you have really been in all of your years in this industry. When your own cohorts were down and out and couldn't sell a record to save their lives you were in NO POSITION financially to assist them in any way, form or function.....but guess what buddy...I AM!!!!! Not only are they now signed they are now not allowed to in any way perform or record with you which in essence demoralizes you and negates a heavy part of your legacy. What a way to shit on somebody when their down.


50 Cent will be studied years from now for discrediting every notion of what is required to succeed in business. I dare ANYONE to say that a proven, hardened criminal & near-death escapee can't earn the respect of corporate heads and politicians.

I may not like the way he does selling death to our children but something tells me a man of his hidden intellect is not going to let the current negativity that he is immersed in, define his legacy! I asure you that Mr. Curtis Jackson will in the end be highly regarded as a compassionate, caring and hard-working individual! WATCH! It's already in the works and hey if R. Kelly can sway public opinion and The King of Pop can revel in unwarranted glory why couldn't 50!



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