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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The D-LIST: I'm actually beginning to LIKE KATHY GRIFFIN......

....Here's why!!!!

As an aspiring entertainer, you sometimes have experiences that at THAT instant somehow make you believe that celebrity could actually happen to you!

Kathy Griffin's show lets you see first-hand just how difficult it is to actually break through the Matrix. Kathy has without a doubt through her stint in Hollywood met EVERYONE yet and still until you have reached the apex of celebrity are in fact a NOBODY!

Throughout her show she revels in the fact that C-
List Celebrities shun her right and left. That A-List circle must be so small!!!

Jamie Foxx rode Tom Cruise's dick so hard during the promotion of
"Collateral", you would have thought that he was hanging on for dear life........and HE'S B-LIST.....isn't he!

FOXX : "Man, I just couldn't BELIEVE how COOL TOM is.....I mean with all that mon
ey ....he's the coolest millionaire I know!" a dick!

Come ON.....RACHEL BILSON wouldn't even give Kathy her direct contact number (Sug: Publicist) so that she could invite this trick to her TOYS 4 TOTS FundRaiser dinner........
once the O.C. is in syndication TRUST that crab will show up at Kathy's doorstep with so many toys you'll think that bitch was Santa Claus. For the one thing that Kathy has mastered is SURVIVAL. She has truly surpassed her 15 minutes.

Sometimes it's not about being the most seen.....just seen! Omarosa anyone!


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