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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Brother from Anutha.....

I don't want to harp on a dead.....dead......dead subject but I simply have to know why!?!?!

1 (one) thing that can be said about me is that I am an equal opportunity luva! Always have been, always will be but there are just some things I don't understand.

Are there NO black women in Hollywood. Is there a gate that wont let them in because our ACTIN' bruthas can't seem to find them. Athletes and Actors just get money and don't want no PARTS of a sista! It's not that there aren't bruthas in Hollywood that are with black women it just that the most visual and ALWAYS smilin bruthas are the ones that have given up. Roll out a red carpet and HERE THEY COME!
ATTENTION ACTIN' BRUTHA & ATHLETES.....PLEASE.....I BEG YOU.....SHOW your pearly whites like Cuba & Tiger......let the world know that you are proud of the black woman that you are MARRIED/DATING/ENGAGED to (Ie: Stuck with due to the fact that she carried your ass financially, emotionally & mentally AND mothered two snot-noses for you prior to you BLOWING the most you can do is get some white pussy on the side.....or else she'll take your black ass for half of everything you got......can't have that....No sir....can't have that!)


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