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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Wo(man)......put the CELL PHONE DOWN!

Look at this crazy bitch! She's so elated to be off work and on her cell phone she's speaking to quintashia and praising God at the same time!

Stop it......this has to stop!

I'm SICK of cell phones.....ding-a-ling tones and ALL that shit!

At my previous place of employment there was so much cackle in the parking garage @ 5:02 p.m. it was sickening. Nobody was talking about shit! JUST LIKE THIS CHIC

She just MADE her money for the week so she's not negotiating a thing. It's just yap-yap this and my hang nail that. She's so engage she even has to tell her girlfriend about the Miata she just rear-ended beause she wasn't paying attention to the ROAD. Of course it's the chick in front of hers fault but she wouldn't know because she was checking her voicemails!

People know DON'T CALL ME WHILE I'M DRIVING (I can't be drunk and talk at the same time), DON'T CALL ME DURING THE SIMPSONS....IF YOU CAN HELP IT DON'T CALL ME AT ALL!

I can't help it...I'd rather be doing other things. Say what you have to say and wrap it up......if our conversation lasts longer than 5 minutes you're just repeating yourself
. I didn't want to hear about how you solved that puzzle in the back of the Reader's Digest the FIRST time you told me.

<---- And why was this never considered quasi-idiotic at the time! Come on ass-head.....AT THE BEACH! You're not having enough fun have to brag to everyone about how lucky you deserve to die from electrocution Tom Cruise!


Anonymous dascripta said...

this is actually funny

Thursday, February 01, 2007 1:08:00 PM  

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