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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Has Oscar Ruined Jamie Foxx.....uhhh....HE'S BEEN RUINED!

Has Oscar Ruined Jamie Foxx?
Tuesday, August 09, 2005
by Roger Friedman

Has Oscar Ruined Jamie Foxx?

March 6 doesn't seem that long ago, but that's the night Jamie Foxx unpretentious, carefree, unspoiled by fame won the Academy Award for best actor for his role in "Ray."

At 37, Foxx had worked his way up, paid his dues and would never succumb to Hollywood's dastardly ways. Never.

Well, never is now. From what I'm told, Foxx has not shown a lot of loyalty to those who've hung in there with him and done a lot of work.

...Now I know Foxx..Personally.......and I find this story VERY interesting because I've seen this happen first hand! It's sad that this has happened and finally come to light because he's really a good and genuine man! There are many individuals out there right now that are wondering what the fuck happened because they HELPED this muthafucker get to where he's at! No doubt he is ONE talented freak! He's a triple threat and if the world has a chance to experience him FULLY...It's's over!

Now as far as the extracurricular....I will say.....that I've partied with this man extensively and experienced some things that you can only imagine (IF YOU GET A CHANCE KIDS....PARTY WITH THIS MAN.....IT'S WORTH EVERY MINUTE!) I assure you that if in fact he HAS become a dick it's not his doing but the powers that be! He is (was) as real as real get when it comes to celebrity status!

Why I chose to speak on this is questionable because I aint making no money one way or another from this man!

He's a wonderful individual to's like a muthafucker (info: LOVES GOLDSCHLAGER....DO THEY STILL MAKE THAT)....and oh.....he'll pull your bitch so watch your ass because if you don't have choke-hold your bitch is caught.....and once he bangs her you might as well find a new one because she's gone.....finished!

I guess the reason why this affects me so is because one of my closest friend was his personal assistant. You couldn't smell this kid without going through this individual first....and he dropped him like he never existed. This bothered me because if it were not for this man.....Jamie would still be Eric Bishop! What's up wit' that Foxx?

Anyhow......I have no hard feelings but uh....Jamie.....why can't I get a track on your new album! You know my shit is hot.....we rocked out to it at your know what I'm capable of so why give Kanye West all your money when I could give you Kanye.....times two.......don't feed those that already have food.....feed the hungry!

did I just say that......Fuck that.......I'm a beast!


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