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Thursday, August 18, 2005

is KANYE CRAZY..........Not QUITE!

After viewing the short film I felt compelled to respond!

I don't believe in this instance that Kanye was whining nor do I believe that he was necessarily being provoked. What I believe was happening was typical of the media relationship with hip-hop. It's the age old adage that rappers should be heard within the context of their music because surely they're not intelligent enough to have a normal conversation to discuss current and relevant issues. Most media representatives ESPECIALLY RADIO D.J.'s, don't really give much of a damn about anything but what they are TOLD to give a damn about which is not much. Radio stations use most of their air time to talk about absolutely NOTHING in between their playing of absolutely nothing. Most black music now does not address serious issues. When did talking about money, jewelry, cars, rims & riches become MUSIC! It's been happening so long now I forgot when it started. most of what is espoused by our rep's is NONSENSE!

I commend Kanye for not pretending to be ignorant just to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Hip-hop SHOULD be seen and accepted as intellectual, enriching and enlightening and it is up to our program directors and media rep's to acknowledge that, spread that and not continue insult our intelligence. We should through our music be opening up the ears of the ignorant. I just don't understand I am a child of Hip-hop and it pains me to after all of these years have the world acknowledge conscious rap or intelligent rap as just a genre or style. Conscious should DEFINE hip-hop/rap! I am a real man but even I sometimes want to shed a tear when I hear some of the Bullshit that we are forced to hear/listen much so that I have banned the radio when my daughters are in the car with me and I very seldom listen to it myself if at all.

Anyhow......Kanye you have a fan in me. I hope and pray that you don't alter your position just to appease the masses. We need more representatives that are prepared to go to war for what they believe in.

Keep it movin'


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