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Thursday, August 18, 2005

is KANYE CRAZY..........Not QUITE!

After viewing the short film I felt compelled to respond!

I don't believe in this instance that Kanye was whining nor do I believe that he was necessarily being provoked. What I believe was happening was typical of the media relationship with hip-hop. It's the age old adage that rappers should be heard within the context of their music because surely they're not intelligent enough to have a normal conversation to discuss current and relevant issues. Most media representatives ESPECIALLY RADIO D.J.'s, don't really give much of a damn about anything but what they are TOLD to give a damn about which is not much. Radio stations use most of their air time to talk about absolutely NOTHING in between their playing of absolutely nothing. Most black music now does not address serious issues. When did talking about money, jewelry, cars, rims & riches become MUSIC! It's been happening so long now I forgot when it started. most of what is espoused by our rep's is NONSENSE!

I commend Kanye for not pretending to be ignorant just to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Hip-hop SHOULD be seen and accepted as intellectual, enriching and enlightening and it is up to our program directors and media rep's to acknowledge that, spread that and not continue insult our intelligence. We should through our music be opening up the ears of the ignorant. I just don't understand I am a child of Hip-hop and it pains me to after all of these years have the world acknowledge conscious rap or intelligent rap as just a genre or style. Conscious should DEFINE hip-hop/rap! I am a real man but even I sometimes want to shed a tear when I hear some of the Bullshit that we are forced to hear/listen much so that I have banned the radio when my daughters are in the car with me and I very seldom listen to it myself if at all.

Anyhow......Kanye you have a fan in me. I hope and pray that you don't alter your position just to appease the masses. We need more representatives that are prepared to go to war for what they believe in.

Keep it movin'

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I know I'm not alone in this.....

The T.V. Guide channel makes me SICK!!!!!

Can it move any slower! These people HAVE to know that with 500 channels they have to go faster.

By the time you finally see something that you are interested in watching the shit is over because it took 45 minutes to get there. In some demographics it
actually has never to stop every 3-4 listings so that you might see exactly what it is that you have no desire to watch! Life is too short! Besides.....there's too much shit on T.V. anyway!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Is Jermaine Dupri Smoking?

Mogul wants singer to come out of hiding like, what?!

Aug. 13, 2005

*[If] I was him, I would have gone on `TRL' immediately and said look, `Everybody who wanna say something about me, good, y'all could say whatever y'all wanna say, there's nothing you can say about me at this point, no more than what just happened, Jermaine Dupri said recently regarding Michael Jackson's retreat from the public eye since his acquittal of child molestation charges.

In an interview with the Associated Press, he said that Michael should come out of hiding and tell the world what they can do with their opinions and D.A. Tom Sneddon's failed attempt to throw him in jail.

MICHAEL JACKSON doesn't belong anywhere near TRL. That's not his contingent anymore. Michael suffers from the same disease that Will Smith does....Wealthitis! For some reason when these individuals make money they no longer watch the same television shows or listen to the same radio stations that the general public do so they have no IDEA what they want.

In order for Michael to become relevant again he has to be kidnapped by someone else relevant and taken somewhere to be REPROGRAMMED!

Michael is undoubtedly talented but what he should have been focused on was what R. Kelly has done so brilliantly....what he does best....make music and let everything else fall into place. Don't stress over the court you REALLY think the white folks wanted black people sown there burning shit up. You thought O.J. was bad....TRY LOCKING UP 'THRILLER'.....LOS ANGELES WOULD HAVE BEEN DECLARED A DISASTER ZONE!

See R. Kelly has in the time since being arrested, made songs for every single member of the general public....duets w/ Omarion & B2K, Steppin' songs for the elderly, club freak songs for the teens and pre-adolescents & 5 part soap operas for the middle aged soccer moms! By the time that it becomes time for a jury to be selected.....they wont be able to do so because EVERYONE loves R. Kelly now! I even love him....NOT GUILTY!

Anyhow....Mike....make a hot album........don't dwell on the court case and start calling Jews Kikes.....sip a margarita....smoke a blunt......and don't EVER....EVER.....DO THAT DUMB SHIT got lucky kid!

A Story Worth Noting - Which proves that our country hates us.....and ONLY WANTS OUR $$$$$

Joburg Water saves billions

JOHANNESBURG Water is saving billions of litres of water in Soweto through Operation Gcin'amanzi.

August 11, 2005 By Lucky Sindane

Pensioner Martha Radebe shows off her free-pay water meter
OPERATION Gcin'amanzi, Johannesburg Water's multi-million dollar project to replace Soweto's decaying water infrastructure, has already saved more than four billion litres of the city's water.

A tour assessing the state of the project was held this week, outlining the successes of the programme.

So far "over 21 000 households have been installed with free-pay water meters", according to Jameel Chand, Joburg Water's spokesperson.

A free-pay meter A free-pay water meter works by allowing the first six kilolitres of water to be used free. The household is then charged for any more water it uses........(continue Story here) -->

Has Oscar Ruined Jamie Foxx.....uhhh....HE'S BEEN RUINED!

Has Oscar Ruined Jamie Foxx?
Tuesday, August 09, 2005
by Roger Friedman

Has Oscar Ruined Jamie Foxx?

March 6 doesn't seem that long ago, but that's the night Jamie Foxx unpretentious, carefree, unspoiled by fame won the Academy Award for best actor for his role in "Ray."

At 37, Foxx had worked his way up, paid his dues and would never succumb to Hollywood's dastardly ways. Never.

Well, never is now. From what I'm told, Foxx has not shown a lot of loyalty to those who've hung in there with him and done a lot of work.

...Now I know Foxx..Personally.......and I find this story VERY interesting because I've seen this happen first hand! It's sad that this has happened and finally come to light because he's really a good and genuine man! There are many individuals out there right now that are wondering what the fuck happened because they HELPED this muthafucker get to where he's at! No doubt he is ONE talented freak! He's a triple threat and if the world has a chance to experience him FULLY...It's's over!

Now as far as the extracurricular....I will say.....that I've partied with this man extensively and experienced some things that you can only imagine (IF YOU GET A CHANCE KIDS....PARTY WITH THIS MAN.....IT'S WORTH EVERY MINUTE!) I assure you that if in fact he HAS become a dick it's not his doing but the powers that be! He is (was) as real as real get when it comes to celebrity status!

Why I chose to speak on this is questionable because I aint making no money one way or another from this man!

He's a wonderful individual to's like a muthafucker (info: LOVES GOLDSCHLAGER....DO THEY STILL MAKE THAT)....and oh.....he'll pull your bitch so watch your ass because if you don't have choke-hold your bitch is caught.....and once he bangs her you might as well find a new one because she's gone.....finished!

I guess the reason why this affects me so is because one of my closest friend was his personal assistant. You couldn't smell this kid without going through this individual first....and he dropped him like he never existed. This bothered me because if it were not for this man.....Jamie would still be Eric Bishop! What's up wit' that Foxx?

Anyhow......I have no hard feelings but uh....Jamie.....why can't I get a track on your new album! You know my shit is hot.....we rocked out to it at your know what I'm capable of so why give Kanye West all your money when I could give you Kanye.....times two.......don't feed those that already have food.....feed the hungry!

did I just say that......Fuck that.......I'm a beast!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Wo(man)......put the CELL PHONE DOWN!

Look at this crazy bitch! She's so elated to be off work and on her cell phone she's speaking to quintashia and praising God at the same time!

Stop it......this has to stop!

I'm SICK of cell phones.....ding-a-ling tones and ALL that shit!

At my previous place of employment there was so much cackle in the parking garage @ 5:02 p.m. it was sickening. Nobody was talking about shit! JUST LIKE THIS CHIC

She just MADE her money for the week so she's not negotiating a thing. It's just yap-yap this and my hang nail that. She's so engage she even has to tell her girlfriend about the Miata she just rear-ended beause she wasn't paying attention to the ROAD. Of course it's the chick in front of hers fault but she wouldn't know because she was checking her voicemails!

People know DON'T CALL ME WHILE I'M DRIVING (I can't be drunk and talk at the same time), DON'T CALL ME DURING THE SIMPSONS....IF YOU CAN HELP IT DON'T CALL ME AT ALL!

I can't help it...I'd rather be doing other things. Say what you have to say and wrap it up......if our conversation lasts longer than 5 minutes you're just repeating yourself
. I didn't want to hear about how you solved that puzzle in the back of the Reader's Digest the FIRST time you told me.

<---- And why was this never considered quasi-idiotic at the time! Come on ass-head.....AT THE BEACH! You're not having enough fun have to brag to everyone about how lucky you deserve to die from electrocution Tom Cruise!

Brother from Anutha.....

I don't want to harp on a dead.....dead......dead subject but I simply have to know why!?!?!

1 (one) thing that can be said about me is that I am an equal opportunity luva! Always have been, always will be but there are just some things I don't understand.

Are there NO black women in Hollywood. Is there a gate that wont let them in because our ACTIN' bruthas can't seem to find them. Athletes and Actors just get money and don't want no PARTS of a sista! It's not that there aren't bruthas in Hollywood that are with black women it just that the most visual and ALWAYS smilin bruthas are the ones that have given up. Roll out a red carpet and HERE THEY COME!
ATTENTION ACTIN' BRUTHA & ATHLETES.....PLEASE.....I BEG YOU.....SHOW your pearly whites like Cuba & Tiger......let the world know that you are proud of the black woman that you are MARRIED/DATING/ENGAGED to (Ie: Stuck with due to the fact that she carried your ass financially, emotionally & mentally AND mothered two snot-noses for you prior to you BLOWING the most you can do is get some white pussy on the side.....or else she'll take your black ass for half of everything you got......can't have that....No sir....can't have that!)

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The D-LIST: I'm actually beginning to LIKE KATHY GRIFFIN......

....Here's why!!!!

As an aspiring entertainer, you sometimes have experiences that at THAT instant somehow make you believe that celebrity could actually happen to you!

Kathy Griffin's show lets you see first-hand just how difficult it is to actually break through the Matrix. Kathy has without a doubt through her stint in Hollywood met EVERYONE yet and still until you have reached the apex of celebrity are in fact a NOBODY!

Throughout her show she revels in the fact that C-
List Celebrities shun her right and left. That A-List circle must be so small!!!

Jamie Foxx rode Tom Cruise's dick so hard during the promotion of
"Collateral", you would have thought that he was hanging on for dear life........and HE'S B-LIST.....isn't he!

FOXX : "Man, I just couldn't BELIEVE how COOL TOM is.....I mean with all that mon
ey ....he's the coolest millionaire I know!" a dick!

Come ON.....RACHEL BILSON wouldn't even give Kathy her direct contact number (Sug: Publicist) so that she could invite this trick to her TOYS 4 TOTS FundRaiser dinner........
once the O.C. is in syndication TRUST that crab will show up at Kathy's doorstep with so many toys you'll think that bitch was Santa Claus. For the one thing that Kathy has mastered is SURVIVAL. She has truly surpassed her 15 minutes.

Sometimes it's not about being the most seen.....just seen! Omarosa anyone!

QUESTION : The irony of M.T.V.

Who does not find it odd that MTV would have a music video awards show when they DON'T show music videos?

MTV Music Video Awards actually has the highest viewership....the largest A & B list celebrity turn-out.....and the highest budget yet they DON'T SHOW VIDEOS

The nominations of course are not for the best videos but for the ones that actually MAKE IT ON THE AIR!

.....between Bedroom Raiders and Date my Mom (which is actually quite entertaining & humorous.....especially the gay ones)

50 Cent Posted by Picasa

50 Cent - mobb DEEEEEEEEP - The Science

Many people misunderstand 50 Cent...some even mistake him for being ignorant. Quite the CONTRARY!

50 is the type of individual that is SOOOOO smart he'll let you make yourself look stupid!

He knows his limits and is careful to assess a situation fully before embarking upon his endeavor.

I enjoy 50 Cent.....probably more the man than the music because even HE knows that the music is just the conduit that connects him with his higher goals. He probably thinks less about his so-called BEEF's than those that write about them or study them.

Take the situation regarding Fat Joe, Jadakiss (The Lox) & Nas. Lyrically, all three far surpass 50 in their retorts but the difference is the f
anfare. Fanfare makes people stand up and pay attention.

Whatever 50 does...h
e does BIG. That is what these other artist have to understand. Who CARES about the underground....the underground is surely going to hear it if EVERYONE ELSE DOES. In fact I'd go so far as to say that the underground doesn't even exist in this day of realism and reality. Noone even remembers any of those other songs but EVERYBODY has heard PIGGYBANK!

Not only does 50 let you wallow in your sorrow, he sticks the sword in RIGHT where it hurts. Example.....MOBB DEEEEEEEEEP.....long time ally of 50's NEMISIS Nas! Why NOT sign them to my imprint G UNIT Record. What better way to make you realize just how UNSUCCESSFUL you have really been in all of your years in this industry. When your own cohorts were down and out and couldn't sell a record to save their lives you were in NO POSITION financially to assist them in any way, form or function.....but guess what buddy...I AM!!!!! Not only are they now signed they are now not allowed to in any way perform or record with you which in essence demoralizes you and negates a heavy part of your legacy. What a way to shit on somebody when their down.


50 Cent will be studied years from now for discrediting every notion of what is required to succeed in business. I dare ANYONE to say that a proven, hardened criminal & near-death escapee can't earn the respect of corporate heads and politicians.

I may not like the way he does selling death to our children but something tells me a man of his hidden intellect is not going to let the current negativity that he is immersed in, define his legacy! I asure you that Mr. Curtis Jackson will in the end be highly regarded as a compassionate, caring and hard-working individual! WATCH! It's already in the works and hey if R. Kelly can sway public opinion and The King of Pop can revel in unwarranted glory why couldn't 50!


Just an interesting equation.....

Go figure.

works for me!

<-- click to view larger!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Dinco (D) - The Black Pirate KING Jamez! Posted by Picasa

Wild'n Out! Posted by Picasa

Hip-Hop, Celluloid, Hustlin', Snappin' Heads & Crack for those more ETHEREAL than the rest! Fuckers!

Day ONE - It is ON I don't know what made me feel as if there is someone (anyone) out there for that matter that cares one cent about what it is that I have to say on a daily basis but perhaps this can be some form of therapy for me....we will see because Lord knows right now I NEED it and I can't afford to pay someone to actually listen to this bullshit.

Beside, one day this diary of sorts may even keep me out of J-A-I-L

One of the things that I do notice missing from e-mag's, Web reports & Blogs is TRUE sub-concious rational.

I spend so much time delving deeper into the day to day goings on of our so called celebrities and celebrated individuals & I also find that I can't get enough of espousing my views and opinions to those I know.

The benefit of doing this is to give those that are more ethereal thinkers a chance to share in my highly expansive thought process.

Yes for those that have not figured out quite what I am suggesting it is that I am truly a Genius.

By genius I mean an individual that truly understands that life all goes back to one point and that is my OPINION. Once that has been grasped you no longer need seek out the reasons behind your own will know within my words.

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